How To Create Or Propose Challenges To Gain Followers On TikTok

TikTok challenges are proposals that users launch on the platform to encourage the community to create videos on a certain topic or with some orientation, which is always identified by a hashtag.

The challenge may ask you to tell a story (ex.: #historiasdetiktok ), share tips (ex.: #secuida ), participate in a campaign (ex.: #agostolaranja ), make a joke (ex.: #lookolhosvendados ) and several other challenges.

When you access the “discover” tab, you will find several hashtags and challenges there. Everyone likes to see and reproduce the challenges that arise, which is why anyone who posts a video in this section gets a lot of views and likes on TikTok.

Making your version of an existing challenge — or creating your own — is one of the best ways to pump, and gain followers, likes, and views.

Influencer marketing is one of TikTok’s strengths.

As this social network allows you to create content easily, many people end up going viral and becoming known. In 24 hours, there were more than 1 million views on the hashtag and thousands of people doing their versions of this challenge.

And you don’t have to partner with TV celebrities. You can bet on micro-influencers, users with regional relevance, or in a specific niche.

TikTok even has a platform that helps you find the best influencer for your campaigns:TikTok Creator Marketplace.

It is important to keep the radar on to see what people are saying about the brand and, above all, to give voice, encourage and share user-generated content.

Two fashion brands that do this very well are Riachuelo and Amaro. Companies take advantage of content created by other users and celebrities to enrich their profiles and generate interaction.

We talked about challenges earlier and you noticed that they are found through hashtags, right?

They are very important, as they are the main way of organizing themes and challenges on the platform. Want to find something specific on TikTok? Just enter a hashtag!

Therefore, knowing how to use them, taking into account those that have to do with your niche and, especially, those that are grooving, can earn you several new followers.

You want to gain followers on TikTok, don’t you? So, keep the frequency in the publications, so the platform identifies that you are an active user and starts showing your videos to other people who do not follow your profile.

Maintaining frequency helps show the TikTok algorithm that you are relevant and of course, shows your brand more often to new users.

How To Create Or Propose Challenges To Gain Followers On TikTok
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