How To Find Out What Your Audience Is Into?

You can’t be all things to all people. Know your audience and you’ll know how to get their attention. Be specific. Go niche. What do they like? What do they dislike?

Having a clear idea of who your target audience is (and isn’t) will help land your content on their For You Page. The FYP or For You Page is the page you land on when you open TikTok. It’s where you want to be!

Don’t know what they’re into? Just ask them!

Use your other social media platforms to ask your followers what kinds of content they’d want to see on TikTok. Instagram polls and questions can make this very engaging and lets them know you have a TikTok they should follow (wink wink).

It’s also not a bad idea to check out similar creators and brands in your industry. Game recognizes game, after all. Since you share a similar audience, it’s like free research!

If your target audience can still make the Forbes 30 under 30 lists then your chances of reaching them on TikTok are way better. But don’t worry, more and more people (including the over 30s) are joining the TikTok party, so don’t stay away if you have a slightly older audience either.

Challenges are one of the biggest trends on TikTok and can skyrocket your follower count.

If you don’t know what a challenge is, it’s when you ask or dares users to do or try a thing. But they really can be anything:

Challenges technically can happen on any network but are most popular on TikTok.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when participating in a TikTok challenge to get more followers:

Some challenges spread like wildfire while others fizzle out. A big part of their success is how easily they can be recreated and how relatable they are. The #youdontknowTikTok challenge does this really well (and is probably why the hashtag has 237.1M views!)

Remember: It’s your personal spin that you put on a challenge that makes it stand out.

Any company can create a branded hashtag challenge that lets TikTok users create the content and do your advertising for you. This works really well if you reach out to already popular creators and offer to pay them to create a video for your challenge. You’ll gain access to their loyal and engaged followers and expand your audience. Check out the views on Walmart’s back-to-school hashtag challenge about first-day outfits!

The For You Page is to TikTok creators what the Explore Page is to Instagrammers. Think of the cool kid’s table in the school cafeteria. It’s where you want to be to get seen!

How does the TikTokFor You Page work?

TikTok says it recommends videos for your For You Page based on how you interact with other videos on TikTok. You can learn more about the algorithm here, but basically, it’s curated content for you and only you. That also means no two For You Pages are alike. Neat, huh?

When your company’s content is featured on lots of For You pages, you can easily attract more followers, get more likes, and also go viral.

Don’t know how to go about getting on TikTokFor You Pages?

Don’t worry, we’ve got some suggestions to help you get on as many FYPs consistently.

Remember your ABCs: Always Be Content-ing! The more content you have out there, the more chances you have to land on For You Pages!

Don’t delete your TikTok videos either. Sometimes a video that has been posted for a few weeks can suddenly hit the FYP page on a mass scale and go viral all on its own. Whether it’s timing, a force majeure, or just dumb luck, having lots of content in the algorithm increases your chances of getting on more For You Pages which could translate to free followers on TikTok.

How To Find Out What Your Audience Is Into?
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