Top Tiktok Counter Options To Count Followers

There are several TikTok follower counters that allow you to track the real-time growth of any account on the social network. There are options for websites, applications, and even extensions for Google Chrome, for example. Below, I will introduce you to 5 very useful tools to count TikTok followers.

On PC, this procedure is even simpler, as you only need to click on the “Change User” button.

Live Counts is another TikTok follower counter This tool is very similar to the previous one, being able to show the number of followers, total likes, number of videos published, and how many people the profile follows.

However, there is an interesting difference: Live Counts displays a graph at the bottom of the page that can be used to compare the growth and fall of followers of the selected account.

Counts Live is not much different from other counters. This is because it also allows you to know the number of followers in real-time, how many likes the profile received, how many people follow, and the number of videos published. The difference is in the “Compare” option which, as its name suggests, offers the possibility to compare data from two accounts.

This counter is an extension for Google Chrome. Just like the other options, Live TikTok Counter also reveals the total number of followers, amount of likes received, videos published, and how many people the profile follows.

The great “flair” of this tool is that, as it is an extension, you can quickly use it in any area of ​​the browser. However, its main features like adding more than one profile and getting a data report in CSV or EXCEL format are only available to premium users.

TokTastic, which is available for free on the Play Store, is a very complete TikTok follower counter. In addition to displaying the same data as the other tools, it also shows the most popular accounts on the social network and allows you to create goal alerts so you know when a profile reaches a certain number of followers.

Top Tiktok Counter Options To Count Followers
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